It has been long since used as a medicine. Amber resin sealed wounded tree tissues by which it was produced, enabling their regeneration, and thanks to its disinfecting properties, protected trees against the attack of bacteria, viruses and fungi. Amber oil is obtained from amber in the process of dry distillation. It is a natural antiseptic and disinfectant. Amber powder mixed with water or oil has been used already in ancient times for stomach, eye, ear and teeth problems. Rheumatism was also treated with amber.

Amber tincture. The recipe according to pr. Klimuszko

Pour small pieces of amber with pure spirit. Set aside for 10 days in a warm place. Shake from time to time. After this time, the tincture is ready. After exhaustion of the tincture, you can crumble the amber and pour it again. Amber should be poured over only twice.


The tincture may be applied versatilely. If you are tired or have a headache, rub your neck, wrist and temples. As a precaution against influenza and with asthmatic problems, drink tea with three drops of tincture. It is also used to rub the chest. For radices and rheumatic pains, rubbing sore spots is advisable.

According to some people, amber tincture decreases blood pressure, helps bile production, calms down, stops bacterial growth, facilitates wound healing, activates the immune system, prevents wrinkles. The tincture helps with bacterial gastroenteritis, common intoxication and catarrhal. It absorbs negative energies, makes the body start natural self-healing forces.