About us

Jantar Studio is a family business where we have manufactured exclusive jewelry since 1978. Great experience and knowledge about amber is passed down in our family from generation to generation.

We create original jewelry designs with distinctive, unique shapes. Jewelry is made manually with particular precision and care about every detail.

At Jantar Studio, we create high-quality gold and silver amber jewelry including: necklaces, beads, bracelets, rings, earrings, charms, brooches. Among our products one can also find amber ornaments and sculptures of, among others, animals, people and objects. Our jewelry is created in cooperation with graduates of the Academy of Fine Arts.

We also realize our clients’ ideas by making custom jewelry. Each product made by our craftsmen is special and inimitable.

Jantar Studio also cooperates with jewelry stores, boutiques and jewelry factories, offering jewelry and semi-finished products.

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